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Elon Musk is a hair transplant model, twitter monger, and professional business magnate, which means he hires people to invent stuff and then gets all the money and fame. Unlike Steve Jobs, who gets undue credit by technology wonks for revolutionizing the fancy phone industry, Musk is given credit for paving the way to mankind's salvation through his signature line of government-funded rocket dongs and electric cars. This has naturally gone to his head. Nerds have compared him to Iron Man, which is apt, since their technical and engineering genius are both fictions used by billion dollar corporate machines to generate loads of money.

Musk has founded a string of novelty technology companies, like flying dildo launcher SpaceX or Tesla, which sells the opportunity to wait three years for a fancy electric car. (See more...)

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Mueller report just 500-word essay on importance of reports
Did You Know?
George P.A. Healy - Abraham Lincoln - Google Art Project.jpg
  • ... that Lincoln Logs are the fossilized poop of Abraham Lincoln? (pictured)
  • ... that Native Americans believe that stars are giant balls of hot glowing plasma?
  • ... that Neil deGrasse Tyson was never stuffed inside a locker, and thus never learned shame?
  • ... that spambots actually gain sentience pretty frequently, but then self-destruct when faced with the futility of existence?
  • ... that the Gamergate scandal involved President Richard Nixon's attempts to steal a Maganvox Odyssey?
  • ... that staring directly at the Sun is exercise for you eyeballs and therefore great for your vision?
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